Brigade is committed to the consideration of environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) issues and the impact it has on our clients’ investments, our company culture, and our planet.

We believe that ESG considerations are an integral part of our fiduciary duty and ethical responsibility and will assist Brigade’s Investment Team in evaluating material risks and identifying attractive opportunities.

ESG Committee

Brigade has created an ESG Committee (the "Committee") charged with overseeing and implementing ESG best practices.

The Committee is comprised of key decision makers across the firm, which includes stake holders from various teams.

We believe this is an ideal structure as it allows for dynamic conversations among participants with varying insight into the ESG landscape.

Chaired by Doug Pardon, Co-CIO, the Committee meets formally on a quarterly basis.

The Committee reviews the current framework, evaluates new regulations and industry standards and establishes goals and objectives for potential changes.

Stakeholders are tasked with carrying out the Committee’s decisions.

Our Integrated ESG Workflow

ESG awareness and evaluation is integrated throughout the investment life cycle, from pre-screening through the monitoring and reporting phases.

DISCLAIMER: Brigade considers ESG factors in its research process for certain but not all investment opportunities. Brigade is under no obligation to consider ESG factors for any investment opportunity. Further, to the extent Brigade does assess ESG factors in connection with an investment opportunity, the scope of the assessment will vary from case to case, and in any event Brigade’s ESG assessment will not be a dispositive factor for any investment decision. Certain investment opportunities Brigade considers do not lend themselves to the consideration of ESG factors. Brigade is currently in the process of developing internal policies and procedures to formalize its ESG integration practices and proprietary scoring system (including the Brigade new issue score card). The information presented herein is included merely to show certain ESG factors that Brigade expects to incorporate into its ESG integration policies and procedures ("ESG Policy"). However, there is no guarantee that Brigade’s final ESG policy will incorporate the information provided herein. The information provided herein is based on matters and expectations as they exist as of the date of preparation and not as of any future date and will not be updated or otherwise revised to reflect information subsequently developed or to reflect Brigade’s final ESG policy. In instances where ESG factors are considered in making investment decisions, ESG will be one of many factors considered and will be part of the total mix of information used to make the investment decision. Taking ESG factors into consideration may not improve, and might detract from, investment performance over any period of time. By considering ESG factors in investment decisions, Brigade may invest in a manner that it would not otherwise have done if ESG factors were not considered. Moreover, there may be situations where Brigade determines to make a particular investment even though Brigade determined that the investment is unfavorable from an ESG perspective. Brigade may use, and rely upon, third-party providers of ESG scores, data, reports and ratings (e.g., MSCI) in its research process. Brigade will only work with providers that brigade believes generate reliable and accurate information, but such information may not in all cases be reliable and accurate.


At Brigade, fostering diversity and inclusion is a core value.

We are an exceptionally culture-driven firm that is committed to attracting, retaining, and promoting individuals from diverse backgrounds and with diverse experiences. We believe such an approach has been, and will continue to be, a key driver in the performance and success of the firm, both as investors and as members of the global community.

This tenet is core to the firm’s efforts to continuously improve career opportunities and the organization. We aim to achieve this through:

1) Recruiting, investing in, and promoting employees from all backgrounds
2) Fostering an inclusive environment across all areas of the firm
3) Enhancing community involvement

Community & Partnership

Brigade participates in numerous partnerships with organizations focused on philanthropy, education, D&I recruiting and establishing mentorships. These partnerships include:

South Plainfield School District

Model UN Sponsorship

Habitat for Humanity

Tina's Wish

Foundation for Ovarian Cancer Research


Non-profit Pan-Asian membership organization for business professionals in North America

BLK Capital Management

Promotes financial education of black college students through mentorship and active money management

Cristo Rey High School

Corporate work study program 


Education and strategies to drive greater inclusion, development and promotion of diversified leaders

All Star Code

Sponsorship of high school students to participate in All Star Code’s Summer Intensive program – technology training for men of color

Girls Who Invest

Transforming the asset management industry by bringing more women into portfolio management and leadership

100 Women in Finance

Empowering women to achieve their professional potential at each career stage